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day permlink Saturday, 18 October 2003

permlink New Software

Software bonanza this week: Mozilla Firebird 0.7 (a better & faster web browser than Internet Explorer), Mozilla Thunderbird 0.3 (for mail and news), and Mozilla 1.5 if you want it all in one application plus extras. I'm glad the Mozilla people decided to make a separate browser without all the bells and whistles of the Netscape Communicator suite that come with Mozilla proper. That was one of my wishes from the start, and I guess I wasn't the only one.

DragThing 5.0, the cool toolbar for OS X.

...and the pièce de résistance: iTunes for Windows (free). I've already put it on my Windows box, and I doubt I'll run MusicMatch ever again. And the iTunes Store just got cooler with the addition of audiobooks (for instance, look up Steve Martin and listen to his 30-second previews). Try it, eh? permlink     1 comment(s)  
I think one of the coolest things about it is that you can stream tracks cross-platform, from a Mac desktop (where you can store your mp3s) to a Windows laptop in the house.
      ...posted by Chris on November 14, 2003 5:38 PM
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permlink Cubs, Sox

The Cubs' elimination was painful enough. I followed them closely in '84 when they made it only this far too, and I can still recall most of their names. (Leon Durham! Keith Moreland! Jody Davis! Ryne Sandberg! Larry Bowa! Rick Sutcliffe! Lee Smith! and the rest!) I think that experience is what started me on the road to not watching sports at all any more; it all seems pretty pointless to me now.

I moved to St. Louis and paid a bit of attention to the Cardinals, but that didn't last.

Now, many years later, when there was a chance of two long losing streaks ending... of a World Series between two perpetual underdogs: my ears did perk up. I paid attention again.

And, of course, they both lost. After taking it to the last game. Teaching the lesson that the Big Bad Guys pretty much win even when you think you have a real shot.

So, Welcome! to the new legions of young, disillusioned Cubs and Red Sox fans. And, no more sports for me until one of them reaches the pennant race again. permlink  

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