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day permlink Friday, 5 September 2003

permlink NM Debate transcript?

Anyone who knows where I could find a decent transcript of last night's Democratic debate, please let me know. permlink     1 comment(s)  
Steve, this looks to be a farily complete transcript, plus audio, over at PBS:
      ...posted by Elle on September 7, 2003 7:08 PM
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permlink Devil's Dictionary 2.0

Via rc3: The Devil's Dictionary 2.0 by Greg Knauss and friends. A sample:
post, verb
To broadcast one’s ignorance, arrogance, ego and insecurities to all entanglements, present and future, professional, casual and romantic.

permlink EL DJ

Obvious-in-hindsight: an MP3-based jukebox done right.

26,000-Hit Wonder Keeps It Hopping [NY Times]
EL DJ, or Extra Large Digital Jukebox, includes tracks from 1,798 full-length CD's in Mr. Stuto's collection... As with conventional jukeboxes, Mr. Stuto said,royalties are paid on the songs played.

The jukebox's popularity is reflected in the lag time between pay and tune. "You can wait three hours and not hear your songs," said Charles Bottomley, who was at Hi Fi celebrating the birthday of a colleague.

...MP3 jukeboxes for bars .. typically come preprogrammed with a choice of 200 popular CD's and allow additional songs to be downloaded from the Internet by customers.

Mr. Stuto, a self-described music snob, was not about to fill EL DJ with Top 40 selections... His collection is eclectic and heavy on rock. Since he has all the room in the digital world, he can offer 17 full-length Rolling Stones albums instead of a greatest-hits compilation, and samplings of local bands that otherwise have little exposure. Music lovers have taken notice...

If a song is excessively chosen it will be marked "overplayed," sparing anyone from making a choice considered common... The idea of identifying such songs was one of many originating with customers.
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