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day permlink Tuesday, 19 August 2003

permlink Virusburst

Lots of viruses coming into my inbox today. CNET reports:

World squirms as Sobig returns
The new worm, code-named W32/Sobig.F-mm, appeared Monday, according to the company. All copies came from the United States. So far, the worm has been active in the United States, Denmark and Norway. Anecdotal evidence suggests that it has also spread to Asia-Pacific.

"Initial analysis would suggest that Sobig.F is a mass-e-mailing virus that is spreading very vigorously. Sobig.F appears to be polymorphic in nature. The [sender's] address is also spoofed and may not indicate the true identity of the sender," a MessageLabs statement said.

The sender appears to be someone from a recognized domain name, such as, or The subject line typically says "Re: Details," "Resume" or "Thank you."

Attachment names may include: your_document.pif, details.pif, your_details.pif, thank_you.pif, movie0045.pif, document_Fall.pif, application.pif, and document_9446.pif.
I check my e-mail with Eudora on a Mac, so I'm not really in danger from this one; it's just a nuisance. Windows users might want to update their virus protection.

Thanks to IP for the CNET link. permlink  

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