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day permlink Friday, 6 June 2003

permlink iTunes Store report

Fascinating (to me) report from an independent music seller on meeting with Apple about getting into the iTunes Store: CD Baby reports on iTunes meeting re: indy music. [Gnutella News via Interesting People]
* 3.5 million songs sold so far. Selling about 500,000 songs a week now.
* More than 75% of songs have sold at least once. There is a wide breadth in purchasing. This is not only fueled by hit [songs].
* 45% of all songs have been bought as an album. In other words: don't worry about the death of the album format...
* 10 previews (free 30 second listen) for every purchase. Meaning: 10 listens per buy.

* Apple strongly recommends going even lower than $9.99 [for complete-album purchases]. They'd like to see that price drop to make the full-album purchase even more desirable.
* Only exception: if a song is over 7 minutes long, they won't offer it as a separate download. It will be available as part of the album only.

* Top-seller charts on Apple only reflect the last 24 hours. (IDEA FOR INDIES: get all your friends to buy at once!)


* 10 million customers have opted-in to receive a "New Music" email from Apple every Tuesday...
Personally, I'd like to know why some albums aren't available in their entirety (missing one or more tracks). Surely it's a conscious choice rather than a technical issue, but I don't understand it.

Examples: Genesis' Hits collection lacks 2 tracks, including the re-recorded 'The Carpet Crawlers 1999' (which I'd love to get on its own). Steve Martin's comedy albums also lack random tracks... there are many, many such 'partial albums', and it's a real flaw IMO. permlink     2 comment(s)  

45% of all songs have been bought as an album.

This makes the whole iTunes thing even more perplexing to me. eMusic is $10/month, for all you can download. No DRM, no nothing -- just straight MP3s. Yes, the artist selection probably isn't as wide as it is on Apple's site -- but they've got quite a few big names, and if you're into indie, punk, or goth, they've got Matador, they've got Epitath, they've got _all_ the old Beggars Banquet and 4AD stuff. I've been so busy downloading stuff that I haven't had time to listen to most of it.

Why would you pay per song when you can get buffet-style pricing and no DRM to boot?

      ...posted by genehack on June 6, 2003 3:33 PM
Subscription vs. a la carte pricing coupled with the snazzy iTunes interface accounts for the oddity, I'd bet. Rational or not, many people (including me) hesitate before subscribing to something on an ongoing basis.
      ...posted by Medley (aka Mrs. NowThis) on June 6, 2003 3:59 PM
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