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day permlink Wednesday, 28 May 2003

permlink Sun's AWOL

Yeah, this sounds about right: It's been a full month since the DC area had a clear, sunny day. [Washington Post]
Monday, April 28 -- mark it. That was the last day during which an observer could stand anywhere in this region and see blue skies with less than 30 percent cloud cover...

On average, Washingtonians have seven clear days in May... This May: zero. May's average high is 75 degrees... but an unusually persistent low-pressure system has parked itself over the region, creating cloudy weather and lowering the month's average high temperature to 68 degrees.
I'm OK with cloud cover and coolness, I'm just tired of the drizzling rain. We went to the zoo Sunday and were glad it wasn't hot then, but I wouldn't object to some sun now. permlink  

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