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day permlink Tuesday, 15 April 2003

permlink Many Foopy returns

Behold: The return of Wendell Wittler. The former perpetrator of One Swell Foop (only look at May 2001 and before...) is back on the horse and blogging away. No weblogger is safe.

I shall nab a link to commemorate the occasion: And Now, The Incredible Bookman (new concepts in book storage).

Many Foopy returns, eh. permlink  

permlink Mickey Mouse Release Day

I made these images-from-an-alternate-reality last night. Why? Because it's Mickey Mouse Release Day, when "Steamboat Willie" was originally meant to go into the public domain. Feel free to copy to your own server. If anyone has suggestions for better/clearer wording to use in the image, please let me know.

For additional background on all this, see Reason: Mickey Mouse Clubbed, Slashdot: Beyond Eldred v. Ashcroft, and of course Lessig's Blog. permlink  

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