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day permlink Sunday, 23 February 2003

permlink The annals of marketing

The annals of marketing: I learned two things from today's Sunday paper supplement.
  1. March is Frozen Food Month. Who knew? See also the ha-ha-named Marketing 2 Wynne page on the success of the 2000 campaign. There's clearly some parallel universe involved here, or at least I wish there were.
  2. Oscar Mayer is trying to stem the use of the pseudo-word baloney with a campaign destined not to catch on called "You're Full of Bologna". Yet in the very name of the contest, they're re-equating 'bologna' with 'nonsense' (which I would think they'd try to get away from). I'm so confused.
Oh, the marketing professors must be so proud. permlink     1 comment(s)  
I'm sure those profs are proud -- they managed to get you to pay attention. I'm not sure logic is an issue for most marketing efforts.
      ...posted by Katxena on February 25, 2003 3:05 PM
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