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day permlink Wednesday, 12 February 2003

permlink Safari comments

Safari's Dave Hyatt opened the floodgates several days ago and invited all comers to comment on a particular weblog post with their Safari suggestions. When I first looked, there were were about 500 comments already on the thread (mostly consisting of "Tabs!" "Me too!" ... "Me three hundred and two!"). The next time I looked there were 590, and I was unable to post... Sometime after the 800th, the hosts shut comments down since they were overloading the system (demonstrating again that the Web is not exactly built for high-volume conversation like e-mail or Usenet).

Anyway, an alternate way to provide the feedback is through the newfangled TrackBack thingy which I haven't done before. So here goes, in case anyone's still listening over there.

My comments both have to do with mouse-free browsing:
  • It doesn't seem that Safari supports the accesskey attribute in anchor tags. (I might just be missing it...) It's pretty important for accessibility purposes; see dive into accessibility for one plain-language explanation of them.
  • IE/Mac's ability to jump from link to link within a page (including image links) using the Tab key is a big reason why IE's still on my dock. Option-tabbing to go from field to field (and to get back to the toolbar) is mighty handy too. Safari currently just tabs from form field to form field (if present), necessitating a lot more mousing to surf normally.

permlink Shuttle re-entry description

Nice account of what shuttle re-entry feels like, from an experienced Shuttle astronaut [NYTimes via workbench]
The most consistently remarkable feature of entry is the heaviness. On my first flight, I urged the commander to "quit pulling all those G's." Although I was joking, he seriously intoned that the actual G-force was just one-tenth that of normal Earth gravity.

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