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day permlink Thursday, 31 October 2002

permlink Seinfeld tonight

And tonight on Letterman, Jerry Seinfeld does some brand new material. [CNN] permlink  

permlink Charging things

Cool idea: charge your digital arsenal simultaneously by laying it all down on a pad. No extra wires or adapters needed for each device: A Pad That Recharges With Nubs, Not Wires [NY Times] permlink  

permlink Scott Adams and weasels

Scott Adams on a book tour: Ferreting Out Weasels Where They Work [Washington Post]
"My theory is that a weasel bubble has formed," he says. "You know you're in a weasel bubble when historians are making stuff up, and when movie studios are writing their own movie reviews, and ice-skating judges are fixing the Olympics, and priests are having a better sex life than you are."
My theory is that there isn't appreciably more weasel activity in the world than before, we're just getting better at locating it and publicizing it.

The 24-hour news channel and the newsy/rumory Web are hungry beasts, and so more people are digging into other people's doings (and/or just making accusations from afar) than ever before. permlink  

permlink TV canceling

TV canceling: "girls club", b-bye [Washington Post] after only two episodes. And the replacement for ...Max Bickford whose name I don't ever remember hearing in the first place, you can go away too [CNN] after four. I miss Bickford. permlink     2 comment(s)  
Yeah, I liked "Max Bickford", too. I guess you and I -- and my dad -- were the only ones watching it, though.
      ...posted by La Di Da on October 31, 2002 1:33 PM
And me! :-)
      ...posted by Medley (aka Mrs. NowThis) on October 31, 2002 1:34 PM
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permlink new apple stuff

New goodies from Apple rumored for next Tuesday: PowerBook AND iBook speed bumps Nov. 5, sources confirm [Think Secret]

Also, Dell will be selling Apple's iPods on their website [CNET]. Weeeeeeird. permlink  

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