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day permlink Sunday, 20 October 2002

permlink Cinnamon by Neil Gaiman

A previously unreleased Neil Gaiman fable, with fine illustrations by Jill Karla Schwarz: Cinnamon [an Extra at the Official Neil Gaiman Store] permlink  

permlink 'nother sniper thought

And another thing: the main criterion the police seem to use to link the shootings to each other is whether the bullet was fired from the same gun. Well, what if the sniper used his brain and (gasp) switched guns? Maybe even one with a different caliber bullet? Would it then be an unrelated shooting, or is there anything else that they're going on? It's fine if they're not telling, it's just kind of weird that they won't conclude anything publicly until the ballistics come back. The ballistics may not be useful. permlink  

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