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day permlink Monday, 7 October 2002

permlink Another shooting, possibly by the snipers

Another local shooting today, similar to last week's sniper attacks but not yet confirmed as one of them: a 13-year-old boy who had just been dropped off at school.

Teenager Shot Outside Bowie School [Washington Post]
Child Shot Near School in Md. Suburb [WTOP News]

Sniper truck to look for (sketch)This is an image of what is believed to be the snipers' type of truck, from: Hundreds of Leads to a Gunman [Washington Post]. permlink  

permlink Eldred Ho!

Eldred v. Ashcroft gets underway this week; oral arguments are scheduled for Wednesday.

High Court Opens Session With Busy Agenda [Washington Post]
Eldred and several other plaintiffs are asking the court to overturn the Copyright Term Extension Act of 1998, which extends the terms of most copyrights from 75 to 95 years.

Plaintiffs in the case have referred to the copyright control extension as the "Steamboat Willie rule," making reference to the first published Walt Disney cartoon featuring Mickey Mouse as Steamboat Willie. The plaintiffs have noted that every time Steamboat Willie sails toward the public domain, Disney lobbies for an extension of copyright control periods.
75 years is way more than enough to incent creators. Go get em, Larry. permlink  

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