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day permlink Thursday, 19 September 2002

permlink NetNewsWire Lite rules.

Brent Simmons is on a roll. NetNewsWire Lite 1.0 has shipped (Mac OS X only, heh), and I find it invaluable for compressing a lot of news-and-weblog-checking into a short period of time. More info, less effort, and it's free. What's not to love?

I eagerly await the pro version. Meanwhile, anyone who wants to add NowThis to their infofeed can use this link (always available via the fresh orange XML button in the sidebar), or you can find me (and Medley's RSS feed) in the pre-assembled list of weblogs inside NetNewsWire (thank you Brent!).

Now and then I've tried other, browser-based RSS gatherers (Amphetadesk, Radio UserLand...) but they didn't really do anything for me and I always forgot to go back and keep using them within a day or three. (Browser-based interfaces really do... suck compared to native applications.) By contrast, NetNewsWire Lite got put in my Dock on its first day of use. And I finally understand the fuss over making one's site available through an XML feed: makes it dead easy to check for updates with a program like this instead of visiting sites one by one.

Anyway, it rules. Give it a try, eh? permlink  

permlink McDonalds - lead paint?

McDonald's Recalls Lead Paint Bobbleheads: Promotional Figurines Are a Poison Hazard [AdAge]
McDonald's Corp. is recalling 100,000 bobblehead figurines in the likeness of two National Football League players after discovering excessive levels of lead in the paint on the models.

Based on the likenesses of Chicago Bears players Brian Urlacher and Anthony Thomas, the 7-inch-tall figures were sold for $5 in McDonald's restaurants in Chicago, northwest Indiana, central Illinois and Rockford, Ill., from Aug. 19 through Sept. 12 as part of a regional promotion.
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Oddly enough, the paint chips had approximately the same nutritional value as a Big Mac. Go fig!
      ...posted by Neil on September 19, 2002 2:29 PM
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