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day permlink Monday, 16 September 2002

permlink Apple Store St. Louis

Hey, they're finally putting an Apple Store in St. Louis, my home for a third of my life. Cool.
Welcome to the new Apple Store West County in Des Peres, Missouri... Grand Opening Saturday, September 21
Of course, near DC we already have two. Heh. permlink     3 comment(s)  
Hey better late than never! But you still have to come back to St. Louis for Casa Grill, right? And Ted Drewes. And REAL toasted ravioli (not that stuff Chicago thinks passes for "toasted"). By the way, aren't you due for a visit back to the Gateway City sometime soon???
      ...posted by Kristin on September 17, 2002 12:37 AM
And in St. Louis you can still rent a two-bedroom apartment in the nice part of the county for under $1,000 a month. And you don't need an MBA-type salary to own a home.
      ...posted by Derek Gilbert on September 20, 2002 4:06 PM
Or, you know, a four-bedroom house with a big yard in the city for sub-$700. Neener neener.
      ...posted by TheBrad on September 24, 2002 5:06 PM
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permlink GM's fuel-cell car

An update on GM's fuel-cell car. This fascinates me.

Designing AUTOnomy: One of the designers of a radical new fuel-cell-car concept explains what was done [Scientific American, via]
...the coupling of fuel cells with by-wire technology provides new design flexibility. There is no need to work around the awkward center cabin hump from the internal-combustion engine's drive shaft, or its conventional steering column... On the manufacturing side, by-wire technology allows automakers to reinvent the standard business model, to one centering around the use of interchangeable bodies on top of a common chassis.

All of this newly created open space gives the interior a much more living room-like atmosphere. ... Even in today's luxury vehicles, rear-seat passengers have modest amounts of legroom. But elimination of the engine compartment increases the usable length of the interior, stretching the distance between front and rear seats.
Earlier this year Wired did their own article on it too.

Even if you leave aside the energy-efficiency gains, these sound like rather more interesting vehicles than we currently have. permlink     1 comment(s)  
Cover the deserts with these: You trucks yer water out to the desert, and you trucks yer hydrogen back out. Yer trucks are hydrogen powered. Put hydrogen into yer cars and ya release water back in the air. Why is it taking so long? The genius of...something or other...what did Paul O'Neill say?
      ...posted by dave taylor on September 16, 2002 11:43 PM
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permlink On talking about blowing up things

A letter on medianews:
From Charles Pierce: "If you're keeping score at home, this is how it works. If you happen to be the lunatic blonde spalpeen of suburban Connecticut, you can talk about blowing up the New York Times in the pages of an important weekly newspaper, making sure the reporter quotes you to that effect, and you will be an essential part of the national dialogue and the heiress to Lenny Bruce, besides. However, be Lebanese, and tell a similarly tasteful joke in the middle of the night at the Shoney's in Calhoun, Georgia, and they'll hunt you down all the way to the swamps of Florida."

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