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day permlink Saturday, 10 August 2002

permlink B5 season 1

Recommended: Babylon 5 Season 1 box set on DVD, coming November 5. (...eight years later...)

Now, how about some Northern Exposure DVDs? (...probably never...) permlink     1 comment(s)  
And it's too bad Northern Exposure likely won't come out. It was such a timeless show, and the way it took its own time with the pacing of the scenes seems very unique.
      ...posted by Chris T. on August 10, 2002 10:12 PM
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permlink Brief History of HDTV

A Brief History of HDTV [Cruft, via DiveIntoMark] (note: abundant profanity)
FCC says "OK, it's your call on standards, 18 formats is fine, in fact there are NO STANDARDS AT ALL, 'cause we are letting the 'market decide', but you start broadcasting HDTV now or we take back the FREE bandwidth."

Industry says "What? We really just want the free bandwidth. You really want us to do HDTV??"

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