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day permlink Tuesday, 6 August 2002

permlink bob hillman tonight!

I've been neglecting the weblog, so I'm behind on making this announcement: tonight, Bob Hillman at the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage, 6:00 pm Eastern, free. Probably over in an hour, so you could still do something with your evening afterwards.

If you're not near DC then A) that's really too bad and B) you can see it anyway in a RealPlayer stream at 6.

Also, now is probably a good time to mention another free Hillman MP3, Another Country. The lyrics on this one don't grab me quite like most of his others, but there's still some catchy melodic bits and his guitar playing just keeps getting better.

Update: Concert's over, but you can see it (and one from 2000) here. permlink  

permlink Sterling on dissidents

I like this formulation by Bruce Sterling; it can be applied in plenty of other current contexts too:

Y'know, Lawrence [Lessig], he likes to talk as if all is lost. He thinks we ought to rise up against Disney like the Serbians attacking Milosevic. He expects the population to take to the streets. ... Lawrence needs to talk to real dissidents more. He needs to talk to some East European people. When a crackdown comes, that isn't the end of the story. That's the start of a dissident's story. permlink  

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