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day permlink Tuesday, 16 July 2002

permlink run! small darts!

Whoa: 9 Men Hit by Small Darts in NW [DC] Attacks [Washington Post]
Nine men in various neighborhoods of Northwest Washington were hit with four-inch-long metal darts Sunday night, apparently by someone shooting a blowgun from a car, police said.

One of the darts, shown off by police yesterday, appeared to be a "target dart" of the sort used by blowgun enthusiasts in accuracy contests. The darts are made of sharpened piano wire, according to blowgun dealer Charles Lopez of Lake Stevens, Wash.

Lopez said the darts typically can be fired accurately at distances of as much as 100 feet and travel at speeds of 200 feet per second.
The freaky part is, we were just near the area last night for a gathering... lucky it wasn't scheduled for Sunday. permlink  

permlink WeatherPop

WeatherPop is a very cool OS X menubar app showing the current conditions where you are (or anywhere else) and the 5-day forecast; worth the 8 bucks IMO. There's also a free version w/o the forecast. (Originally saw it on permlink  

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