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day permlink Tuesday, 18 June 2002

permlink 2004 domains

Roll Call has [some of] the lowdown on the domain name game for the 2004 presidential race now that Sen. John Kerry has grabbed

Kerry Grabs 2004 Web Site
The director of Lieberman's leadership PAC is now in possession of the site

"We made a decision for no other reason than for defensive measures to acquire the domain names for several other variations of the Senator's name," said Lieberman spokesman Dan Gerstein.

Explained Kerry spokesman Wade: "You never know what the future holds, and you certainly don't want to spend hard earned campaign cash paying off cybersquatters for the right to use your own name on a Web site."
What I'm surprised at is that every one of these wasn't grabbed long ago by some mischievous netizen. It's certainly occured to me more than once. permlink  

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