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day permlink Saturday, 15 June 2002

permlink harry potter deleted scenes

The Harry Potter DVD hides the deleted scenes, obscuring them behind an elaborate scavenger hunt. This isn't what I was expecting, and it's annoying; I don't have so much free time that I want to spend it chasing down dead ends in a deathly slow interface. Warner Brothers' site supposedly has a shortcut to the scenes, but it just tells the exact steps you have to take to get there through the stupid game; it's still the long way 'round even with no wasted steps.

Lucky for me, other people have bothered to look further and have posted their solutions on the web.

Harry Potter's 7 deleted scenes []
You can skip steps 1 through 7 in the directions above by going directly to title 81. Specifically, put the DVD into your player, press the stop button on your remote, press the 10+ button eight times, then press the 1 button. Then, follow the above instructions beginning at step 8.

You can also jump to other video content on Titles 7 through 13.
The last two deleted scenes are the only ones with much content; I was hoping we'd see Dumbledore's random introductory words (which would have only added five seconds to the film and shouldn't have been left out of the script in the first place; way to dampen his personality). Anyway, it was nice to see Snape get to do a bit more.

So. Now it's five more months until HP2 comes to theaters. permlink     3 comment(s)  
I know how to get there cos theres sites telling you, but is this a game r is it on the dvd? I don't get it!!
      ...posted by leanne on January 18, 2003 2:19 AM
WHERE ARE THOSE NEW TOM FELTON PICS IN GODRIC'S HOLLOW?!?!? i went to tom felton uk and they said to go to godric's hollow and u'll find 3 new pics from the deleted scene Borgin and Burkes but i couldn't find it :( and also ...mugglenet said there's half a dozen deleted scenes from the movie in godric's hollow but i can't find it!!! if u kno where it is EMAIL ME!!!!!
      ...posted by sarah on March 18, 2003 5:09 PM
Hmm. Pretty sure the Godric's Hollow stuff will be on the Chamber of Secrets DVD, not the Sorceror's Stone. Since CoS is not out on DVD until April, I'll venture that you'll just have to wait a while yet.
      ...posted by SteveB on March 18, 2003 5:28 PM
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