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day permlink Wednesday, 12 June 2002

permlink silk

OS X tech: I tried Silk 1.0 from Unsanity (which gives all Carbon applications pretty, smoothed text in OS X 10.1.5+) the other day. It crashed Radio Userland, and the interface for excluding Radio didn't work for me the first time (I since figured out what I did wrong, but it wasn't worth it to me to spend enough time on it to go back to it).

Now, Silk 1.1 is out and the interface for excluding applications is better (in fact, I didn't have to change anything this time), and I have to say it's pretty good. Make sure you tell it to use Quartz metrics too (it's off by default; don't know why); otherwise the spacing (at least in IE) is all wrong. permlink  

permlink Joe Jackson Band reuniting

Awww, yeah:

Joe Jackson Band reunion [Joe Jackson's official site]
...the original Joe Jackson Band - JJ + Graham Maby (bass), Gary Sanford (guitar) and Dave Houghton (drums) are re-uniting for a new album and tour. ...the album release and full tour are projected for March/April 2003.

Joe already has 12 completed songs for the new album, and is still writing. According to Joe, the album will be "High-energy, fun, and in the spirit of the first couple of albums, but more mature. I'm a better writer now, and a better singer. But I've still got a 32-inch waist".

permlink funny spam

If I have to get spam, at least some of it is entertaining: Hello, If you are in possession of blue or red time warping moon crystals, I need some! Please make me an offer. permlink  

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