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day permlink Monday, 11 February 2002

permlink enron commentary

All your Enron commentary needs can be fulfilled by late-night comedians:

Jon Stewart, The Daily Show:
Arthur Andersen CEO [on film]: The question isn't ... what did we do wrong or not do wrong, the question is: what can we do better?

Stewart: No actually, the real question is: Why aren't all of you in jail? ... And not, like, white-guy jail, jail jail.
Jon Stewart interviewing Ron Insana, 28 January 2002:
Tell me who's going to jail. Because honestly, you've got kids selling mushrooms at a Phish concert, and they're up for 15 years. These guys are living in McMansions; it's crazy.
Dennis Miller Live:
Hey Ken Lay, borrow some guts and start spillin' em. ... You know, last year this Lay jackoff was touting himself as a complete corporate genius who had the ear of the President and half of Congress. Now he's passing himself off as some clueless Mr. Magoo starring in the film Memento who had absolutely no idea what his company was up to.

You know how deep you are in shit when you have to hire a public relations firm to put the word out to people that you're an out-of-the-loop asshole?

...We here in California can't help but have a little enjoyment at Enron's expense, because these are the same people who turned off all our lights last summer and then proceeded to charge us for energy like it was coming out of a hotel minibar.

permlink quote: paul simon

Sonny sits by his window and thinks to himself
How it's strange that some rooms are like cages
Sonny's yearbook from high school is down from the shelf
And he idly thumbs through the pages

Some have died
Some have fled from themselves
Or struggled from here to get there
Sonny wanders beyond his interior walls
Runs his hands through his thinning brown hair
-- Paul Simon, "The Obvious Child", Rhythm of the Saints

permlink enron bonus list

via Rafe: Salon has (scanned images of) the list of Enron people who got major 'retention bonuses' just before the big layoffs occurred. Surely someone somewhere will be putting it in a spreadsheet so we can sort by amount...

Background: Enron's last-minute bonus orgy permlink     1 comment(s)  
CNN has done the heavy lifting, at least for the portion of the list we care about...
      ...posted by Eric on February 11, 2002 2:13 PM
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