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day permlink Tuesday, 5 February 2002

permlink Pet dangers

Valuable information from an English veterinary hospital which I stumbled on at a usability site. I love the Web. Ten Ways to Poison Your Pet (Accidentally) [ParkVets, found via WebWord]
[Dogs & Cats:] Ibuprofen. This over-the-counter for human use painkiller is extremely toxic to dogs (and cats). As little as one tablet can cause gastric ulceration, liver damage, kidney failure and death. It is the most common cause of poisoning in the pet. [Cats:] Easter Lilly. This seasonal bloom is attractive to cats, which often ingest the foliage. Unfortunately even a little of this plant is extremely toxic to the kidneys. There is no cure for the poison and affected animals almost always die. Anti-freeze. If ingested anti-freeze forms crystals in the kidney rapidly causing kidney failure and death. Cats seem to find the taste of antifreeze appealing so it is vital to keep it stored appropriately. Thankfully as motor vehicles become less serviceable by the lay-man, incidences of anti-freeze toxicity are becoming less frequent.

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