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day permlink Thursday, 24 January 2002

permlink More Wallace and Gromit news

Thanks to Mom for sending me this link: Wallace & Gromit get into the game [MSNBC]
Thursday, Wallace and Gromit maker Aardman studios announced a new line of video games coming soon. [BAM! Entertainment] spokesperson Mika Kelly said the company hadn't yet developed any game story lines, or even decided what platform the games would be published on.
And the story direct from Aardman's site (the link may or may not work properly, it seems to be random): More good news for Aardman and Wallace and Gromit [Aardman]
The premiere project of the new partnership will come to fruition in 2003, with the arrival of the first ever multi-platform Wallace and Gromit console game.
Hm. I was hoping it would be a PC/Mac game; we don't have a console and I'm not going to buy one to try it. Maybe I'll just hang out in electronics stores. That reminds me, the W&G DVD should go on my wish list... permlink  

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