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day permlink Tuesday, 22 January 2002

permlink Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel news, snagged from Up is slated to come out this year (10 years after Us...). Also:
Peter's entire catalogue has been re-mastered to produce the best quality CDs and also to be ready for the new formats of DVD Audio and Super Audio CD. We also hope to re-release the whole catalogue on Vinyl throughout 2002... When the albums were originally mastered Vinyl was the principal format. Because record players can track more complex music better at the outside of the disk, the running order of So was determined by the format rather than by Peter. So there may be some subtle changes in the re-mastered versions. As Richard Chappell explained, due to the increased sampling range of the new formats there is a noticeable increase in clarity and definition especially at the bass end of tracks. The Peter Gabriel re-masters will be released between February and April 2002.
Probably not something I'll be getting, as I would just rip them to 192K versions anyway, and I've got decent versions as it is. Maybe it would depend on the extras... He's also doing the movie soundtrack for Rabbit-Proof Fence. Nice to see he's going to finish the album... permlink  

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