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day permlink Tuesday, 15 January 2002

permlink Spam qua spam

A bit of spam received a few days ago. This would be amusing if it weren't so irritating:
BRAND NEW ANTI-SPAM TECHNOLOGY! Detect & eliminate spam BEFORE it gets to your mail client! Tired of the hundreds of unsolicited commercial email (UCE) infiltrating you mailbox everyday? Now you can do something about it! Seek and Destroy all unwanted junk e-mail at the click of a button, BEFORE it reaches your mailbox!  FEATURES: * Connects to any pop3 server! Eliminates spam BEFORE it reaches your mailbox! ...etc., etc....
And a big dose of chutzpah at the end:
You are receiving this email because you purchased a product from us in the past, or downloaded software from one of our websites and agreed to allow us to send you offers.
No, no, I'm quite certain that I didn't, nor did all the other people at something@now*.com who were also in the 'to' field of your message, unless your sales team concentrated heavily on the 'n' domains for customers. Irritating! permlink     1 comment(s)  
(Hi, like your site.) There is additional unspoken chutzpah as well: "Give us your POP3 account username and password so we can DELE(te) or RETR(ieve) your mail from it directly without asking you first. We could also use it to send out lots of additional spam as you, but knowing us, we might not do that. "Don't worry that this is probably also your FTP / shell / ISP account information, or that you might be sufficiently dumb such that most of your other online accounts use the same user and pass. We probably won't snoop around in your bank account or post unseemly messages as you on your favorite online forums."
      ...posted by James McMurry on January 16, 2002 9:53 AM
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