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day permlink Wednesday, 2 January 2002

permlink How much frenzy?

Apple's front page has been ratcheting up the expectations since Monday: "7 days to Macworld...This One Is Big. Even By Our Standards." "6 days to Macworld...Count the days. Count the minutes. Count on being blown away." "5 days ... Beyond The Rumor Sites. Way Beyond." MacObserver: Just how much of a frenzy is Apple trying to whip up? This is like throwing big buckets of chum in a little swimming pool full of very large sharks. As has been suggested by us before, any potential for negative Machead backlash when the company doesn't announce 5 GHz G6s on Monday can pretty much be laid square at the feet of Apple, and not those in the community who are eating this up like a great big slice of Apple Pie a la mode. That said, we love it. It's about time that Apple acknowledges the real world in its marketing and uses that real world to its own advantage as opposed to hoping it can wish things likes Mac rumor sites out of existence. I concur... I'm about 30% "Are they crazy? whatever new thing they introduce, it can't possibly deserve this much hype" and about 70% "Apple hasn't talked trash like this in a long time... I don't care if it's only an LCD iMac and a PDA, this is fun. Go Apple!" permlink  

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