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Saturday, 26 January 2002 : "Word: shrapnel"

Word of the moment: shrapnel

Use a form of the word in a sentence. One sentence per poster. Please, no wagering.

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* Set the food processor on 'shrapnelize'.

Posted by jjg @ 01/26/2002 01:08PM est

* Under 'reason for dismissal' on the trustworthy auditor's termination-of-employment form, the middle manager wrote: 'Enron shrapnel'.

Posted by Steve @ 01/26/2002 01:22PM est

* Shrapnel from the albeit poorly aimed orange stung his eyes as it exploded on the wall beside him.

Posted by Dave T. @ 01/26/2002 07:11PM est

* I sighed as I extricated shrapnel from the decorative watermelon.
(These are cumulative, right?)

Posted by Seth @ 01/27/2002 02:41PM est

* You can be cumulative if you like; good luck with the next word, though.... heh heh heh

Posted by Steve @ 01/27/2002 05:27PM est

* Alice's explosive sneeze peppered her co-workers with a shrapnel spray of her mucus.

Posted by Neil @ 01/28/2002 12:35AM est

* The search results for "extricate" and "shrapnel" (individually) on Google will lead you to other weblogs. Together, they will lead you to Now This.

P.S. The shrapnel from discarded phrases will rain down upon Seth as he extricates words from this site to use in cumulative sentences.

Posted by Lilly @ 01/28/2002 02:21AM est

* Whenever attempting to explain the purpose of his weblog to others, Steve usually just sighs and says, "mental shrapnel."

Posted by Damien @ 01/30/2002 09:06PM est

* Bravo, Damien! Good one! Reminds me of Seth's tagline: "The second law of thermodynamics states that any time you do anything constructive, there is a less-organized waste product. This is mine."

I have no sentence. *sniff* Just not feeling very creative these days.

Posted by Mrs. NowThis @ 01/30/2002 09:10PM est

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