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Thursday, 24 January 2002 : "wwwwd?"

Stupid challenge to avid web surfers: Read my mind.

Why did I just check into the domain name (Someone owns it but apparently isn't using it.) Why did I look up "wwwwd" in Google? (I didn't find the meaning of it that I was looking for, btw.) What does it mean?

Hint: Rightfully it should appear with a question mark at the end.
Hint 2: "wwwwd?" could also be phrased "wwwwdnd?"

The answer will appear Friday in the comments area of this post.

No, it's not in any way important, and it's not at all likely that you'll be able to guess it if you don't already read multiple weblogs. It's just a phrase that popped into my head that someone was bound to come up with someday because of the confluence of w's. I'm just surprised that I seem to be first...

Now that I've thoroughly beaten that into the ground and removed all amusement value, guess away.

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* What in the world are you talking about?

See, people, I go away on a business trip for a few days, and craaaaazy stuff starts to happen. ;-)

Posted by Mrs. NowThis @ 01/25/2002 12:51AM est

* What Would Wim Winders Do?

Posted by TheBrad @ 01/25/2002 07:31AM est

* Right idea, wrong WW. (Not familiar enough with Wenders to have thought of him, I'm ashamed to say.)

I've had a private guesser also miss with these:
...Wonder Woman...
...Willy Wonka...
...Woodrow Wilson...
though I quite like the last two. What would Willy Wonka do?

No no, the party in question is much more present and accessible and could therefore actually provide an answer to the question, unlike so many other WW_D? subjects (which usually makes it a rhetorical exercise to ask).

Posted by Steve @ 01/25/2002 09:38AM est

* What would Wil Wheaton do?

Posted by Eric @ 01/25/2002 10:41AM est

* What would Willie Wonka Do?

Posted by David Johnson @ 01/25/2002 10:47AM est

* Wendell Wittler?

Posted by TheBrad @ 01/25/2002 10:53AM est

* Wendell Wittler would fit better in the 'What Would Brian Boitano Do?' song, but Eric has it right:

What Would Wil Wheaton Do?


What Would Wil Wheaton Dot Net Do?

I just had a brainstorm that:

A) He's around and accessible at where he writes his own weblog and interacts with you, the audience.

B) He's in fact an interesting, intelligent, funny guy. TV lies.

C) Everybody knows who he is (for some age-specific, Internet-using value of 'everybody').

D) He's looking for acting jobs and such, and extra public interest in you never hurts when doing so (unless the police are involved).

E) You could ask the question about so many things, from your personal life to weblog design issues to fictional SF scenarios to...

F) Hundreds of people comment on his every post (which I would find overwhelming, personally) so it's possible that thousands of people visit his site. He could sell advertising! (Wait, sorry, this idea would have been better a few years ago. He should charge a subscription fee, yeah, that's it.)

G) And, I love seeing that many w's in a row.

Of course, I've never met or e-mailed the man, it would be an inordinate amount of work to actually run a working (or whatever) and it's basically a silly, silly idea.

Still, if you find yourself faced with a difficult problem, it might be useful to ask yourself...

Posted by Steve @ 01/25/2002 11:14AM est

* I'm starting the Wil Wheaton backlash. It has to be done. There are way too many bloggers kissing his ass on a daily basis. He's an interesting writer, but one has to think that his multiple Bloggie nominations have more to do with his celebrity status. *shudder* He's a nouveau A-list blogger.

Posted by Kris @ 01/25/2002 06:37PM est

* I miss Wendell!

Yeah, I'm officially disenchanted with Wil since he never acknowledged (even privately) the Medley Medal I gave him and then claimed later that he'd never won an award of any sort. Hmph. I know, I know, he gets a lot of mail... oh well.

Plus, as I allude to on the Medals site, all the crazy fanboys and girls actually detract from the site, IMO, and it's become much more of a journal than a commentary site, which I think is a shame. But I've only been weblogging since 1999, so what do I know?

Posted by Mrs. NowThis @ 01/25/2002 08:27PM est

* You need to lay off the cough syrup. Seriously, man, I'm worried about you.

Posted by Neil @ 01/26/2002 12:19AM est

* wwwwwwwwwww?

why won't W. wobble westward when we want W. whisked west ?

Posted by Dave T. @ 01/29/2002 08:48PM est

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