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Monday, 7 January 2002 : "hmmmm...."

Hmmmm.... the Time Canada article is down for the the moment; redirects to TIME's main home page and the article has been pulled, but not before the entire Mac news/rumor machine got a hold of it. All that is consistent with Apple being really annoyed with the leak, except...

There are uncountable issues of TIME on the street with the new iMac on the cover, impossible to stop the distribution of.

And surely Apple knew TIME's publishing schedule before giving them the exclusive. (This may well explain why the keynote was moved to Monday, so there would only be an evening and a morning of a leak instead of well over a day.)

So surely Apple had some reasonable expectation that the information would get out before the keynote, either from TIME's own site or from some random person scanning the article and posting it.

So Apple can't possibly be that annoyed at this. (Unless it was a large-scale blunder of no one in the entire company checking on the timing, which I just can't believe.)

So there's got to be something else coming today that they didn't tell TIME. (Come to think of it, where's any mention in the TIME article of the new PowerMacs which we know are coming? There may well be other wrinkles that are not in the article either.)

All of which may be just wishful thinking on my part, but I'll say this: If the new iMac is All There Is, it's not worth a 2.5-hour keynote and it doesn't come close to justifying the hype on Apple's home page.

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