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Tuesday, 27 November 2001 : "guacamole"

Been poking around a bit looking for a good guacamole recipe... the best guac we've had around here is at the Rio Grande Cafe, but we should be able to come up with something at home, right?

Here are some decent-looking recipes I googled. They all sound pretty similar (and easy): mash some avocado, put in a little garlic, onion and any other stuff that strikes your fancy, and chill it for a while.

(If it's so straightforward and easy though, why do so many restaurants' guacamoles disappoint?)

No particular order here: ("Mexican style") (pointers to several varieties)

Got any favorite guacamole add-ins?

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You might check with Jerry and Lillian. I think they made one for Elisabeth's graduation party.

Posted by Mom @ 11/27/2001 02:25PM est

We always tried to imitate the fresh made guac from Casa Guallardo. Basically - avocado, tomato, onion, garlic, cilantro, lime, cayenne pepper, salt, black pepper, chopped chile peppers, and some chihuahua cheese on top. Yummy! Now I want some!

Posted by Toni @ 11/27/2001 03:22PM est

It isn't genuine unless you mush it in a molcajete!

Posted by Sixtieslibber @ 11/27/2001 06:42PM est

Guac and hummus are worth playing around with for your own favorite accents. I usually do guac with lots of lemon or lime, almost too much cilantro, and minced garlic. Sometimes I chop up a ripe tomato and stir that in. My quirkiest bit is that I will reserve an avocado half (or more depending on the total amount) and instead of mashing it, chop it into cubes and mix it into the mashed avocado. I like the resulting texture.

Posted by Lilly @ 11/27/2001 07:51PM est

My own favorite is mashed avocado with lime (or lemon juice) and garlic salt. I guess that's not very traditional though.

Posted by Joni @ 11/27/2001 08:47PM est

I'm with Lilly -- chunks of avocado in guac is the way to go. I could usually do without tomatos unless they're nice and fresh and yummy.

One time I ordered a burger with avocado, and the avocado was nice and ripe -- it went well with fries. Think soft avocado as a ketchup or cheese replacement on fries. Mmm.

I hereby encourage Steve to experiment with a variety of recipes. :)

Posted by Mrs. NowThis @ 11/27/2001 08:56PM est

you've got to have the lime (lemon and ok backup) and cilantro, and both tomato chunks and chilis are usually good. but it's those two that give it bite.

Posted by ACM @ 11/28/2001 10:53AM est

I'd guess the bad restaurant guacamole is because they don't have really ripe avocados. mmm... wish I could bring myself to cut down other fat in my diet, so I could justify making some!

Posted by Anita Rowland @ 11/29/2001 07:17PM est

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