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17 July 2001

What is Pisco's favorite thing to rob?
...They say he likes apple strudel
What does he do when not on the job?
...On the guitar, noodle
-- "Pisco Bandito", Moxy Früvous, The C Album

I'm getting psyched for Wednesday's Macworld keynote speech (one can watch it as it happens with QuickTime [9am Eastern], especially if one is fortunate enough to have a fast connection). Apple seems to have done a very good job this time of controlling the flow of information -- the rumor sites can't agree on what's coming, only that it'll be very interesting stuff.

A new handheld? A flat-panel iMac? iPhoto/iPicture? 1GHz G4 processors? A new kind of device entirely? Nobody knows.

I'll be watching (and probably drooling).

Aside: Apple seems to be producing first-class media-creation and media-organization applications (iMovie, iDVD, iTunes) that are not available on Windows. It seems to me that selling Windows versions of them for a hefty premium (while keeping them free with the purchase of a Mac) might be a way to spread awareness of Apple's software quality and provide revenue while still spotlighting Macs as the preferred solution.

Or maybe I'm just wishing really hard for something as good as iTunes on Windows. Oh well.

More Wednesday Friday.

You guys have now done, this is your sixth show on the subject of Chandra Levy coverage which, for the record, is more stories than Newsweek has published about the Chandra Levy case. So, one might ask rather [if] media pundits are over-covering media coverage of the Chandra Levy case.
-- Michael Isikoff (Newsweek) on CNN's Reliable Sources, 14 July 2001 (found via Jim Romenesko's Media News)

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