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28 March 2001

Do your taxes if you haven't.

A very nice short piece from Roger Rosenblatt:

  • The News About Jessica [TIME]
    Eventually one understands that the world is largely made up of obvious truths, lying in the open, begging to be repeated.

This is me sitting on my hands and not buying Mac OS X yet. If I did, it would just sit in a corner for three months while I catch up on work & life. I don't have the time to start messing with it yet.

I expect that by the time I do get around to buying it, it'll be one heck of an OS with many major apps available and I'll find it quite useful. Just not yet.

Curious standard:

American Family Association objects to horrible exploitations depicted in book. Author says these exploitations actually occur:

  • The fight's about pedophiles, not books by Robert Clark Young [PolkOnline]
    ...the fact is, I didn't write these passages to titillate. I wrote them because the use of children in sexual performances appalls me, and because the behavior of some of our servicemen toward Asian child prostitutes is not only an injustice but a crime.

    Apparently, this association has no problem with the funding of such behavior -- just with the funding of writers who want to expose it.

AFA ignores option of protesting actual evil and continues railing solely about depiction of evil in book. In doing so, AFA boosts book's sales.

  • Our wolves in uniform [Salon]
    Had it not been used in the Christian right's decade-long fight to bring down the NEA, Young's book might not have gained much national attention. As it is, the book has sold a modest number of copies and received tepid reviews, though it has gotten enthusiastic responses on In the wake of the AFA's campaign, however, Young has succeeded in exposing an unseemly side of the U.S. military as well as the Navy's longtime abuse of citizens of its foreign ports.

Self finds this behavior odd.

  • NEA foes miss boat on satire by Gene Collier [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
    "The American Family Association is not criticizing the U.S. military for these practices, nor calling for a reduction in the military budget," Young said.

Also odd: can't find mention of book or author on AFA site.

Seen on Camworld, a fascinating theory: Microsoft's War Of Attrition [Forbes]

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