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3 February 2001

The very sorts of things I'm curious to know about my soon-to-arrive Titanium PowerBook are the sorts of things Andrew Gore is putting into his PowerBook G4 Diary, along with plenty of photos:

There should be more diary entries from him coming soon. <drool>

Still waiting on a cable modem. Comcast can't install it yet, because "node 19B needs to be fixed". Okaaaay...

My current facetious theory is that there's some Defense Department operation on our block and they can't let high-speed Internet near it. Interference, or something.

Senator Hillary Clinton is getting a lot of attention for having scaled back her efforts at being fashionable. It's pretty scary how much importance people are placing on this.

Matt Drudge makes a big deal out of it, calling her names and labeling it a 'glamour spiral'.

The Washington Times makes a big deal out of it, with a major "news" article Friday:

  • Hillary reverses Cinderella story [Washington Times]
    While she exuded a polished look during her Senate campaign, New York's junior senator has sent tabloids and tongues a-wagging of late with her sagging commitment to her image.

    Now, as she rolls up her sleeves and gets down to policy, Mrs. Clinton backslides just as her political profile rises.

    "All the other women in the Senate look better than her" [Shana Greatman, a random Washington lawyer and registered Democrat the Times dug up]

Most disappointingly, the Washington Post is giving this story play too, albeit in its Style section and not on the 'real news' page:

  • The Reliable Source: Dis-tress [Washington Post]
    In her exodus from White House to Capitol Hill, Sen. Clinton has started wearing a rough-and-ready do that belongs on a soccer mom. The dry-and-go bangs hang limply down her forehead like rain-battered weeds, and she doesn't appear to be using much in the way of hair spray, mousse or even makeup.

    Cristophe added helpfully: "The first lady has a duty to look elegant and be a reflection of our fashion industry. That's why she went to the extent of having her hair done every day. Now she doesn't have that responsibility anymore. It's not her first priority."

[gasp, palms on cheeks, mouth an O] Not using much makeup? How dare she? (Does Trent Lott use makeup? Does anybody notice? Just checking.)

People! Why do you care?!

(And where is it written that a first lady's duty is to be a fashion plate? What sense does that make? Who started such a stupid thing, Jackie Kennedy? When can we stop it? Laura Bush should do whatever she wants and look however she wants. Lynne Cheney went right back to her OLD job; good for her.)

Imagine what would happen if the women in the Senate (or anywhere) only spent as much time on their appearance as the men. Why, then they'd have just as much time to do their work as the men do. Quick, everybody yell at Hillary so no one else gets the same idea.


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