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8 February 2000

Tomorrow... I will buy... GOLFBALLS!
GOLFBALLS the size of HAIL!
-- Flaming Carrot, Bob Burden's Flaming Carrot Comics (collection #2, The Wild Shall Wild Remain!)

Don't hate me, but I was in Starbucks the other day [yeah, yeah, boo hiss] and was very taken with the custom Doonesbury-based goods they're selling (proceeds from which go to literacy programs). Got me a big mug with Duke, Honey and a 'map' of the desert (not pictured on their pages). Very nifty.

I'm generally pretty wary of what Fox News' Brit Hume's hidden agendas might be, but he had a number of keen insights on this Sunday's program. One of which concerns the vice president...

[Regarding the scuffle where some vulgar Gore supporters shouted ugly insults at Senator Bob Kerrey:] There's no sign that the Gore high command was involved in it at all, and his press secretary, Chris Lehane, made a rather becoming statement in which he said "look, we honor Senator Kerrey, and if anybody did that it was not authorized and we don't approve of it." Gore's answer to the whole thing was, it didn't happen!

Which, you know, he didn't need to say that. It's like the denial about changing his position on abortion: he didn't need to deny that, he could simply say "I've changed my mind about abortion, I once had grave doubts about it, I once voted for a bill that would have in effect rescinded Roe v. Wade had it stood, and I've changed my mind."

But no, Gore says he's been for Roe v. Wade all along -- the guy seems to lie when the truth wouldn't hurt him.

Is there entirely too much national attention being given to the New York senate race, or is it just me? Aren't there any other important Senate races starting up?

No time for more today. Maybe tomorrow.

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