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11 February 1999
Stanley: It's funny. I have a lot of trouble speaking to beautiful women. I don't know why I just said that. This isn't a pickup, you know.
Woman: Oh. Okay.
Stanley: "Oh. Okay"?
Woman: What?
Stanley: You said "Oh. Okay". What do you mean by that? Would you like this to be a pickup? I mean if you want, it could be. I just said it's not a pickup because I thought you didn't want me to pick you up. But I could make it a pickup. If you want.
Woman: No.
Stanley: Oh, then I was just kidding.
-- from the 'film' "Sands of Blood" in Kyle Baker's The Cowboy Wally Show

Strangely, Alan Moore "appears" in two comics that came out this week: Cerebus #239 (with a Rick Veitch appearance to boot) and Bacchus #41.

I had something very unusual happen the other day: an automated telemarketing machine apologized to my answering machine.

If you are a homeowner and need cash for any reason, this could be the best news you'll hear in years. To hear this short message, please press the number 1 key on your telephone now...Please press the number 1 key on your telephone now... I'm sorry, I don't understand.<hangup>

Sure, it wasn't an apology for the call itself (more of a response to an error condition) but -- as an interface design element, building an apology into a normally-annoying intrusive device is quite nice. I almost (almost!) wouldn't mind hearing them call my machine again to hear it say "I'm sorry" one more time.

Thought experiment: "Incidentally, Steve, you're going to be shot around New Year's by some panicked fellow citizen. Do prioritize your remaining days well, would you?"

An interesting piece contrasting Gates' and Lewinsky's videotaped depositions:

  • Depositions of the Rich and Famous [San Francisco Examiner, seen on Obscure Store]

    One thing that's clear from her testimony to the House impeachment managers is that practice helps. Lewinsky has been questioned, deposed and called before grand juries more in one year than Jimmy Hoffa was in his entire life.

FYI, San Jose Mercury News' Good Morning Silicon Valley section has relocated:
Vega news:
  • Suzanne Vega Talks Book Tour [, seen on RobotWisdom]
    Currently living in New York with her 4-year-old daughter Ruby, Vega -- who separated from husband Mitchell Froom last August -- is working on songs for her next album...

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