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2 June 2000

"There is something of the dormouse in him still," said the dark-haired woman. Her ears were pointed and cat-like, and she looked little older than Tristran himself. "Sometimes I wonder if she transforms people into animals, or whether she finds the beast inside us, and frees it. Perhaps there is something about me that is, by nature, a brightly-coloured bird."
-- from Stardust by Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess

Been busy having a Very Full Life with lots of Big Changes going on and more to come...

Updating the site has taken a back seat to many things.

I'm sure things'll be back to a normal pace around here in oh, um, a few months.

The C Album is ready to be ordered now...

<donaldduck>Wak! Splutter!</donaldduck> Joe Jackson has a new live album out, just him and a bass and drums? Why was I not aware of this?

From, more Peanuts tribute strips than I can read in a sitting.

A clean, Google-y whois tool that does the follow-up search too:

Okay, that's it. Maybe I'll get back into some sort of groove next week. Take care.

Life goes on . . . ever immune to prediction
And life can be strange
But love can be stranger than fiction
Only love can be stranger than fiction
-- "Stranger Than Fiction", Joe Jackson, Laughter and Lust, 1991

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