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16 May 2000

"If you chase two rabbits both will escape."
-- Ancient proverb on one of the less noxious Successories

Here's a link I found in my pile from long ago, don't know where I saw it... These aren't a real product (AFAICT), but are similar to the delicious Demotivator series of posters, namely a biting parody of those accursed happy-talk, feed-the-machine, work-yourself-to-death, we-like-you-paranoid, suppress-the-self, surely-you-have-time-for-a-life-too-(wink-wink) Successories:

  • The 7 deadly motivational posters [Dumbentia]
    ENVY: Look at that car. Don't you wish you had wheels like that? It must be nice to be rich. They probably have a big house, great hair, and perfect teeth, too. Doesn't that just burn you up? Go ahead, give them a key job.

    GREED: ... Don't forget the reason you're working here. Money. It's not about doing a good job or showing up on time. Those are things you do to keep making money. ...

These two fingers, stabbing upwards in the air in front of me? They're for you, ABC.

  • ...'Sports Night' a goner... [TV Barn]
    This weekend, a member of a "Sports Night" discussion list posted a message saying that she had e-mailed series creator Aaron Sorkin asking if it was true the show had been cancelled. This was the response she posted: "Sarah, I'm sorry to report that it's true. Tommy [Schlamme] and I are absorbing the news for the moment, and we'll re-group tomorrow to discuss the future. In the meantime, don't miss Tuesday night's show."

So, tonight's episode is the last one. Grrrrrr. At least there's some hope for the show to continue:

  • NBC shifts 'Frasier' in aggressive revamp [Boston Globe]
    ...with ''Sports Night'' not appearing on any of the early ABC schedules floating around town, the critically acclaimed series is expected to end up on HBO. Sources suggest a deal may already be in place for the pay cable network to pick up 13 segs of a revamped 'Sports Night.'

Longtime real-life friend Toni Reiss has not only started her own log-like site, she's also updating it regularly. We don't agree on some things (e.g. guns), but she's certainly worth reading. Go Toni!

Toni's Log:

I don't live my life on the advice of fortune cookies. I just find it entertaining how often they resonate with me, or give advice that is in fact timely.

Fortune cookie from last night:

"Relax and enjoy yourself."



Gotta run. More tomorrow.

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