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7 January 2000

I'm spending way too much time inhaling political coverage on cable TV and the Web. Combined with the work I'm supposed to be doing, the result is: dozens of links sitting on my desktop, no time to post them properly. Sorry.

I'm trying out an EditThisPage (a.k.a. Manila) site of my own (for those not familiar with it, it's a place where you can set up your own page for free and get access to some tools designed to help you organize your content and get feedback):

It's pretty lame so far, but mostly that's because I haven't spent any time on it.

The main page I'm concentrating on first is the Debate Transcripts page. Since no one else seems to be collecting transcripts of inDecision 2000 events into one place, I guess I will. Links only for now, maybe actual transcripts if I get motivated.

MSNBC seems to be the debate channel for the next few debates as well as the last two. Fortunately, my cable company has MSNBC so I can tape them. Unfortunately, MSNBC doesn't seem to be putting up transcripts of the last two debates, or at least not yet. Hopefully they're just being a little slow, or I'm just not looking in the right places. If anybody finds one, do let me know.

MSNBC does have a(n abridged) transcript of the post-debate Q & As with Tim Russert. My favorite bit is from Orrin Hatch:

There are more Republican debates on tap for tonight (7:00 Central on MSNBC) and Monday (6:00 Central on MSNBC).

The 'real' debates, the ones between the major parties held near the day we actually vote, have been scheduled...and oh, looky, Wash U gets one again:

I'm not sure why they keep coming back to Wash U, but it is pretty cool. Maybe I'll try to get in & watch it live this year.

I'd love to dig into my backlog, but I've gotta work. See you next week.

"Did they have to tell the neighbors a sex offender was moving in?"
-- Jon Stewart on last night's Daily Show, noting that the Clintons have moved into their New York home

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