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1 October 1999

Smoking cures weight problems...eventually.
-- Steven Wright

A newer, longer Toy Story 2 trailer is out. It's cute (and it's extra long, which means if you want a frame size big enough to be able to see what's going on, it's a he-yuuuuge download). Requires QuickTime.


Domain Name Shenanigans: points back to Disney's site, so naturally I wondered about Disney didn't own it, someone could conceivably get in Disney's face by snapping it up and using it for something else or by getting a chunk of change from Disney to give it up. (Not that I'm somebody who would, but the possibility would occur to me.)

Turns out someone other than Disney's already got it. is also taken by someone else. and up seem to be available though. Huh. already caught an opportunist's eye, too. is free though. I wonder how those will play out... lawsuit, payoff, or movie name change?


Apple's got another announcement coming up on October 5th. The obvious candidate is the next-generation iMac (looks about the same, but much better specs for a similar price), but Dave Winer is (possibly) scooping the rumor sites, saying it will have something to do with the Palm Pilot. (Or maybe the Handspring Visor? Or both?)


This is just... just... I have no idea. Come up with your own adjective.

  • Judge wants women attorneys to wear skirts in her courtroom [Seattle PI]
    "I said, 'Will you sanction me if I turn up in pants tomorrow?'" Arends said. "And she said, 'That's a possibility.'"
  • Not skirting issue, Judge Burrage has 'em panting [Seattle PI]
    Women callers were outraged, the clerk said. Only one man in his 70s was all for the ban.
    But Burrage is much, much younger than that. "Yeah, but she has the brain of a 70-year-old man," quipped one female attorney who amazingly did not give her name.

    But the battle of the pantsuit was won nearly 30 years ago in offices and restaurants all over Seattle. I know. I served.
    One of my first assignments for the P-I was to dress up in "tasteful" pant ensembles and storm the beachheads at fine dining establishments around town.


Apparently, the Dysfunctional Family Circus may be taken down after all. Voluntarily.

  • Keane KOs Family Circus Parody [GettingIt]
    "When you're the guy who runs The Dysfunctional Family Circus, and you talk to Bil Keane on the phone for an hour and a half, it really takes the wind out of your sails."

    ...when the conflict was personalized, Galcik wrote, it spelled the end. "[A]s we got further into the conversation, I just realized I couldn't really go on doing what I'm doing."

Wonder what will happen to the archives out there...


Apocalypse? No. 1999 is actually below average in the number of earthquakes so far...

  • Earthquakes: A Matter of Luck, Most of It Bad [NY Times, registration required]
    By all estimates, the number of large jolts around the globe is below average this year, and it is simply bad luck that the recent upheavals have ripped through populated areas, leveling thousands of buildings and leaving tens of thousands of people dead, missing and homeless.

    Even though the rate of earthquakes over time seems to be more or less unchanging, the world's population explosion means that more people are moving into quake zones, which are often near coasts. The result, experts say, is the prospect of continuing trauma as urban areas erupt with what seems like nearly endless bursts of destruction.


What if all the web designers just gave up and went home? [Need To Know, seen on Flutterby]

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