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23 September 1999

You can believe anything you want. The universe is not obliged to keep a straight face.
-- Solomon Short

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  • Transmeta might come out of hiding at Comdex [CNet]
    [Linus] Torvalds and other people known to be involved with Transmeta, including chief executive David Ditzel and Microsoft's co-founder Paul Allen, have been careful not to reveal what the company is up to.

    "I think I can now tell you when I will be able to tell you," Linus said on the sidelines of a seminar. "The company has considered saying something at Comdex, or at least saying when we will announce something."




  • Inside the Columbine High investigation [Salon]
    The biggest myths about the tragedy have to do with the question of who Harris and Klebold were really targeting in their rampage. Jocks, African-Americans and Christians have been widely described as their chief targets. Not a scrap of evidence supports that conclusion. In addition to voluminous evidence from the scene, Harris left behind a wealth of detailed plans and commentary making their targets plain.

    As the initial shock wore off last April, an increasingly common question became not why Harris and Klebold killed so many students, but why so few. ... "They could have killed hundreds of students, and that's not counting the pipe bombs."

    Five months after the massacre, investigators also refute other key allegations about the pair: that they were members of the Trench Coat Mafia, raised by negligent parents, practicing Goths or frustrated gays.
  • Highly-rated Slashdot comments on the story [Slashdot]
    I don't CARE if peer harassment was the "root cause" of Columbine or not. It's about damn time that people realized what really goes on in schools if you aren't one of the golden kids. I'm still sorry that a mass murder had to take place for this conversation to begin, but it is LONG overdue.
    [That day,] my parents, next door neighbor and a few other "mature adults" surrounded me, wanting to "talk." Turns out, i was expressly forbid from wearing my trenchcoat, "until the whole thing calms down."
    then i was 'asked' to 'consider' wearing something other then black 'for a while'. After about 3 hours of arguing, screaming, yelling, and nearly getting hit by several 'mature adults' because of my 'insolence' (read: because i wouldn't do exactly what they wanted with no question), i managed to 'compromise' into not wearing my trenchcoat. and still keeping my normal dress. after that i was passive-aggressivly griped at during all the media hype, (which i followed very closely) and am still looked at negatively by a few of those people as 'rude and insolent'.

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  • Columbine Jocks Safely Resume Bullying [The Onion]
    Students who are seen wearing "red-flag" items such as thick eyeliner, long coats, tattoos, Marilyn Manson T-shirts, non-designer jeans and the color black are now required to attend special makeover sessions with a trained psychiatric professional, who will assess the student's potential for nonconformist behavior and then outfit him or her in Tommy Hilfiger jeans, Gap T-shirts and Abercrombie & Fitch baseball caps with a curved brim, on penalty of expulsion.


Another instant classic from The Onion:

  • 79 Percent Of Americans Missing The Point Entirely [The Onion, heads-up from RobotWisdom]
    "Our research revealed that the thought processes of a large majority of Americans are profoundly and fundamentally flawed," Shaw said. "We came to define this peculiar deviation as 'having one's head up one's ass.'"

    Offering an example, Shaw said that when a group of people who had undergone cosmetic surgery were asked, "Why do some individuals feel the need for cosmetic surgery while others do not?," 54 percent of them responded that people who opt for such procedures have greater self-worth than those who don't.

    The study also cited the public's constant call for more wholesome, family-friendly movies that do not insult their intelligence, as well as its failure to patronize such films when they are offered. "To date, Adam Sandler's Big Daddy has grossed $161 million ... Contrasting this is the challenging, critically lauded flop The Iron Giant, which has barely broken the $20 million mark."



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  • Who Owns the N-Word Dot Com? [Wired] is property of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. In fact, the NAACP says it owns every domain with variations of that word, including hyphenated versions. "We wanted to make sure these domain names would not be used for derogatory purposes,"
  • Forbes Squats on Bush Name [Wired]
    Among the domains Forbes registered are ,, and

    The George W. camp dismissed the move as foolish. "I would think Steve Forbes would want someone on his ticket who actually supports him for president," George W. Bush spokesman Mindy Tucker said.

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  • Brilliant Careers | Elvis Costello [Salon, seen on More Like This]
    Deep inside the song ["Suit of Lights"] you can find a grinning crowd tarring and feathering an artist it doesn't like. Some of us may think that there's not enough of that these days, but to Costello it's an important image, a symbol of the crowd's fascistic leanings.

    As he acknowledges, artists are spoiled, but that doesn't mean the audience is not, at the same time, a scary sight. Costello has always viewed it with horror. But really, what can you do? It's terrible to stand on a stage and try to sing a new song with a drunken lout screaming, "'Pump It Up'!" especially if you haven't written a song as good as "Pump It Up" in quite a while.

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