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14 July 1999

Call me weird and laugh at me
I tell you it's true
I've found a cure for Gravity
-- Joe Jackson, "Song of Daedalus", Heaven & Hell

I forget where I got this link, but this is cute:

Joe Jackson's still out there doing interesting work; I'd really like to see him play live while I still have the chance (who knows, he could quit). Wonder if I can swing a trip to NY in August... doubt it, though:

Jackson is good at capturing pretty complex emotions in his lyrics and melodies; he's one of the few people on my "must buy new album as soon as it's available" list.

Moxy Früvous is also on that list, and their next album's U.S. release has been pushed back to August 10. I guess I can wait...

Recalling the 'Got Milk?' ad campaign, User Friendly is making some alternative-OS ads, suitable for...actually, I don't know what they're suitable for, but they're fun:

I've got meetings all day, and I don't want to be late, so I've gotta stop here. See you Friday.

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