About SankeyMATIC

SankeyMATIC was created in 2014 by Steve Bogart and has been maintained and improved ever since.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does SankeyMATIC cost money to use?

A: No. SankeyMATIC is free to use.

Q: Does SankeyMATIC send a copy of my data anywhere?

A: No. All processing of your data is done locally inside your web browser with JavaScript (including the generation of any PNG image or SVG output), so no one sees your data or diagram until you publish it.

Note: If you create a "Public Link" to your diagram, then your diagram's data is visible to anyone with the link, including the maintainer of this site. (That's why it's called a "Public Link".)

Q: Do I have to credit SankeyMATIC when I publish or post a diagram?

A: You do not have to. Including a citation or mention such as: “Diagram created using SankeyMATIC” is welcome but is not required.

Q: Is the code behind this tool open source?

A: Yes. The repository for the SankeyMATIC code is at github.com/nowthis/sankeymatic.

Also, as mentioned at the bottom of every page, SankeyMATIC depends on the open source tool D3.js.

Q: How do I request a feature/report a bug?

A: Contact me on Mastodon at @SankeyMATIC@vis.social, or send email to 'sbogart' at this domain.